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Gay Escorts: How to be a Gay Escort ?

Before you start .. being a gay escort is a profession for the strong minded and self confident guys who can cope with the lifestyle. The lifestyle and interactions can make or break people, if you're insecure or easily misguided it is not for you.

Your potential clients will range from the high flyer to the guy who saves up his pay checks for months for an hour with you. Some will pamper you with every luxury and others will be down right rude.

If you are good at being a gay escort you can be successful and enjoy a high standard of living. You can earn in one day what guys would like to earn in a week. A lot of gay escorts start so they can set themselves up for the future e.g. start their own business, get a deposit to buy their home. It is a stepping stone to make fast and easy money – make sure you do it safely.

How to be a Gay Escort ? – here are 11 tips below

Research Competition

Do a Google Search for “Male Escorts” and “Gay Escorts” in your town/county/ country. Check out the competition, everyone will have also asked themselves the same question once upon a time … how to be a gay escort ? Look at their photos and their profiles. Print off the ones that you think are the best, copy their poses and reword their personal descriptions to one that best describes and suits you. Do not steal other gay escorts photos or steal their descriptions word for word, it will go against you. Get your own sexy photos and hot personal description. You are your business, be professional – give it your best shot !

Decide what Escort Services You are Offering

Work out what services you are offering, your rates, location, travelling and your contact details email/phone. Again look at what other gay escorts are offering on their profiles.

Advertise – Go Direct

Best place to advertise for clients is the Internet. Think of the Internet as your shop window. Some websites will give you a free escort profile like www.connect2men.com others will charge. Charge rates will vary depending on visibility on their websites. You will need good photos and a great personal description.

Free Listings

Do a google search for “gay escorts free listings”. Once on the website click on the “Contact Us” page, and contact the webmasters by email. In the subject bar of your email write: “New Guy (and also your escort name)”, spend time choosing a name that suits you and will be attractive to clients. In the email tell them you are new, your age, where you are located, attach 2/ 3 of your sexiest photo (one facial). If you want to be anonymous, wear sun glasses or a hat. If you are professional and sincere, it will increase your chances of the webmasters helping you out ie Craigslist.

Build Your Own Website – Be a Brand

Will be a great asset. You will be unrestricted re design and able to upload new photos, information, have space for clients to place reviews, upload videos and sell products.

Register with Escort Agencies

Escort Agencies have clients, often regular/repeat clients. They will charge an introduction fee but they will vet the clients. They will also help you learn the ropes re how to be a gay escort.

Watch Adult Dvd’s –Mix business with pleasure

Different techniques and styles in action – when Actors are cast in a film that has been previously released, they will watch it to get some pointers !! Check out Dvds re how to be a gay escort

Tools of the Trade

Buy a selection Adult Toys, browse the internet


Keep your appointments, be punctual and maintain good contact, not only prior to, but post-appointment.


Discretion is key. Under no circumstances must any personal information regarding your encounters be disclosed.

Be Safe

Always wear a condom and insist your client does too.

Hope you have found this guide on how to be a gay escort useful

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