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Finding and Booking a Gay Escort

  • When finding and booking a Gay Escort, be aware it is a job, that requires many skills.
  • Gay Escorts are actors, models, therapists, professors/teachers all rolled into one. They will probably have more sexual experience than you do. They will probably be able to teach you a few new tricks. Don’t be shy, any kinky requests, will probably be nothing they haven’t heard before.
  • Like any job, they can be great at it or ok at it. The more comfortable and relaxed you are the better, and the more you will both enjoy the experience. Escorts know that client satisfaction is the key to a content client and repeat/regular business.
  • Booking a gay escort is legal. At least 1 in 5 men have paid for sex.
  • Finding a Gay Escort Ė Profile and Photos. The Internet, escort agencies or gay magazines are the best places for finding professional gay escorts. Their profile and photos are their shop window. If they take care with how they present their profile/photos it shows they are professional and take themselves seriously. Be on your guard sometimes photo shopped photos can be used to make themselves look better than they are and some unprofessional escorts can even use pictures of someone else.
  • Booking a Gay Escort - Escorts donít just sit at home waiting to answer your call. If they answer your call ask if they can talk freely on the phone or if texting / emailing is more suitable. If they donít answer then leave a message or send a text with booking information such as dates/times, general location and your preferred contact details.
  • Payment. Not all escorts want to be paid on arrival, but you should make it clear that you have the cash to pay him, by leaving visible cash on the table in an open envelope for his services, where he can see it on arrival.
  • Meeting Up. Some clients arrange a meeting in advance, not right here right now. Having a meeting arranged a day or few days before works out much better. If when the escort arrives he looks completely different to his photos. Be upfront tell him heís not what you were expecting. Donít feel bad about it, the chances are that other people have done that before. Many escorts start with a chat and a drink to get to know their client better.
    Be upfront about asking them what they want. Itís good to know if your clients a top, bottom or versatile, wants to try it all. Some clients are happy without anal sex and just want to experiment with sex toys. Follow on with the offer of a shower together, a good way to start exploring each other before the action starts.
  • Time Slot. The moment the escort arrives the clock starts ticking. Suggest you book your first meeting with a new escort for a couple of hours, as one hour will go fast ( second hour is usually discounted). Allow yourselves time to get to know each other time and still have plenty of time for sex.
  • Safe Sex. Most guys offer this service. Some offer bareback sex but most wont. Best to discuss before booking so everyone clear about the service offered.
  • Tipping. Being tipped, the universal sign of being appreciated. Itís a thank you, a gift Ė itís a personal gesture that doesnít need to be done but when it is, it will get your next meeting up off to a good start before it even begins.
  • Cancellations. Everyone understands that plans change due to business/social commitments. Give good notice of cancelling bookings by phone/text/email at least 12 hours. If less than 3 hours offer to pay half the 1st hourly rate. If less than 1 hours notice offer to pay the whole fee. Time is money, a booking was made so be respectful.
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